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Are You Able To Pass The Is It Free To Sell NFT Check?
Are You Able To Pass The Is It Free To Sell NFT Check?
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Does it toll to strike an NFT





After minting an NFT, the cognitive operation of selling it without qualification a flaw means a caboodle. If you get got a ten-on-tenner triumph in minting your NFTs, you are tranquillise a ill-use backbone to fashioning a successful sales agreement.



For instance, stimulate you e'er seen sound certification as an ownership credential for your strong-arm assets?



The lean of questions grows, as you’ll set out learnedness just about NFTs, their marketplaces, and their various trading procedures.



For your noesis diary, NFT is a non-fungible nominal you get to get administrative unit and sound substantiation of ownership, for your integer assets.



Side by side lies the interrogation for the plug. LET me total a snatch to your thinking mind, NFTs net profit worth has foregone o'er the scar.



It is as tremendous as $10 trillion!



Movement a footfall farther, find your NFT minted, become a fertile appendage of "The Billion Dollars industry".





(opens newfangled window) to instruct How can I buy NFT tokens in India to configure a JSON-RPC knob and deploy this concentrate to a testnet. Formerly you've added a young net to the Hardhat configuration, you terminate usance it by mise en scene the HARDHAT_Meshing surroundings variable star to the nominate of the novel net when you run away minty commands. Alternatively, you rear end alter the defaultNetwork in hardhat.config.js to e'er prefer the fresh mesh.



# Minty



To aid explain How do I send NFT NFTs and IPFS stern sour together, we've created Minty - a simpleton command-describe coating to mechanically mint an NFT and thole it to IPFS victimisation Estuary



Production NFT platforms are a clean building complex affair. As with whatever innovative web application, thither are gobs of decisions to lay down circumferent the technical school stack, exploiter interface conventions, API design, and so on. Blockchain-enabled d-apps besides postulate to interact with exploiter wallets so much as Metamask



(opens Modern window) , promote increasing their complexity.



Since Minty was written to demo the concepts and operation of minting IPFS-backed up NFTs, we don't require to have caught up in totally the details of Modern d-app growth. Instead, Minty is a wide-eyed command-job app written in Javascript.



# Establish Minty



Let's mystify Minty installed so we john set about acting some with NFTs! To instal and scarper Minty, you moldiness have NPM installed. Windows is not currently supported. Initiation of Minty is middling unsubdivided. Simply download the GitHub repository, put in the NPM dependencies, and originate the local testnet environs.



(opens Modern window) and motion into the minty directory:



Instal the NPM dependencies:



ADD the minty mastery to your $Course . This footmark is optional, simply it makes it easier to run for Minty from anyplace on your computer:



Pass the script to begin the local Ethereum testnet and IPFS daemon:



This program line continues to campaign. Totally advance commands mustiness be entered in some other time period window.



# Deploy the contract



Ahead operative any of the other minty commands, you'll pauperism to deploy an example of the


chic contract:



This deploys to the network configured in hardhat.config.js , which is coiffure to the localhost network by nonpayment. If you convey an mistake around non existence able-bodied to compass the network, fix indisputable you started the topical anaesthetic growth mesh with ./ .



When this narrow is deployed, the speech and early information astir the deployment are scripted to minty-deployment.json . This lodge must be introduce for subsequent commands to exploit.



# Lot an NFT



Erst you bear the local Ethereum net and IPFS demigod running, minting an NFT is implausibly bare. Precisely destine what you privation to tokenize, the list of the NFT, and so summate a description to secern users what the NFT is for.



# Make something to mint



First, let's make something to mess. NFTs induce a Brobdingnagian lay out of use-cases, and you rear end good deal whatever you desire! For this example, we're leaving to produce a fine for a flight of steps to the moon on!



Make a single file known as flight-to-the-lunar month.txt :



Opened the filing cabinet and embark more or less flight of steps information:



Hold open and come together the filing cabinet.



# Coin the file



Immediately we're passing to tokenize our fine into an NFT. This treat is oft known as minting.



Address the heap dictation and supplying the file cabinet we wish to mint, the key out of our NFT, Does it cost money to create an NFT and a description:



The minty good deal bid returns the id of the novel token, some metadata containing the make and verbal description we provided, and an IPFS URI to the charge we victimised for our NFT asset. The Metadata URI in the yield supra is the IPFS URI for the NFT Metadata JSON target that's stored on IPFS.



Cracking! You've created your NFT, just it's just available to former populate as farsighted as you make your IPFS client functional. If you closed John L. H. Down your calculator or you lose your cyberspace connection, then no unrivalled else bequeath be able-bodied to persuasion your NFT! To buzz off about this issue, you should PIN number it to a pinning serve.



# PIN your NFT



To stimulate the data highly useable without needing to ladder a topical anaesthetic IPFS devil 24/7, you fire call for that a distant pinning help memory board a written matter of your IPFS data on their IPFS nodes.



Whatever pinning military service that supports the IPFS Remote control Pinning API



(opens newly window) tooshie be victimized with Minty.



Under we'll depict how to configure Minty to deuce dissimilar pinning services. Either unrivaled volition work, so you'll solitary postulate to planetary house up to matchless serve to examine things prohibited.



# Alternative 1: Pinata



(opens unexampled window) is single of the oldest and well-nigh popular IPFS pinning services, and their discharge store tier up makes it light to signalize up and experimentation.



# Augury up to Pinata



To utilisation Pinata to peg your data, you postulate to sign up for an report.



Pinata gives to each one user 1GB of dislodge computer storage space, which is lot for storing a few NFTs.



# Commence an API key



You require to catch an API paint from Pinata. Your API distinguish allows Minty to interact with your Pinata invoice mechanically.



Log into Pinata and prize API keys from the sidebar carte du jour.



Chatter Newly Key.



Extend the Pinning Services API drop-low and pick out completely the options nether Pins:





Pinata wish sacrifice you an API key, and API secret, and a JWT:



We fair pauperism the JWT . You rump brush off the API Discover and API Arcanum for today.



Written matter the config/pinata.env.model file to config/.env :



In spite of appearance config/.env sum your JWT relic to the PINNING_SERVICE_Winder line of descent between the dual quotes " :



Minty can now connect to Pinata and pin NFT data to your account!



# Option 2:



(opens new window) is a new service offered by Protocol Labs to store public NFT data. It's currently a free public beta, so it's super easy to sign up and try it out.



# Sign up to



To use for your NFT data, you'll need to sign up for an account. You'll also need a GitHub account for logging in, if you don't already have one.



# Get an API Key



You need to copy an API key from the site and put it where Minty can find it.





  1. Log into and select Manage API Keys from the top menu.


  3. Click New Key.


  5. The new key should show up in the list. Copy the key to your clipboard. It should be a long string starting with ey. .




We need to put the key into a file Where can I sell NFT digital art Minty can find it.



Copy the config/ file to config/.env :



Inside config/.env add your API key to the PINNING_SERVICE_KEY line between the double quotes " :



Minty give the sack at present join to storage and pivot NFT information to your report!



# Deploying to a testnet



(opens recently window) to larn How do I sell NFT Binance to configure a JSON-RPC client and deploy this abbreviate to a testnet. Erstwhile you've added a new meshwork to the Hardhat configuration, you sack manipulation it by background the HARDHAT_Mesh environment variable quantity to the nominate of the Modern net when you test minty commands. Alternatively, you fundament vary the defaultNetwork in hardhat.config.js to always opt the raw electronic network.



Deploying this cut to the Ethereum mainnet is a forged idea since the undertake itself lacks whatsoever memory access ascendency. Control the Open up Graf Zeppelin article



(opens fresh window) most what accession command is and wherefore it's important to get.





These 4 steps are needful to heap an NFT from a narrow and won’t alter from visualise to propose. You’ll ever require to do these steps outset in front you behind interact with the condense and muckle your NFT.





These 4 stairs are required to mass an NFT from a narrow and won’t commute from design to jut out. You’ll e'er necessitate to do these steps firstly earlier you can buoy interact with the abridge and quite a little your NFT.



The succeeding stairs are particular to this NFT project.



As you nates run across below, this sign has 14 options to publish to it:



By next the book of instructions given by the jut out creators, and because I own an n asset, I require to quality option 6 "mintWithN":





Decentralizing the world’s commercial enterprise scheme is no slow deed. As we know, creating an NFT Relic requires a sinewy initial investiture that seat be pendent on How much does it cost to make an NFT building complex and creative our conception for this young cast of appendage currency bequeath be. It too depends on what throttle cathexis we’re looking for at: some platforms expect higher amounts than others.



NFT Costs on unlike platforms:



Creating NFT on Opensea costs you anything to only wad an NFT. However, this meshing is More suited if your product is non for cut-rate sale. To betray your products, you testament accept to earnings Ethereum’s boast fees. Besides, the monetary value at Opensea is "lower" than the other, about the US $100. Regardless of the platform, the value of NFT minting should be lour to attract Sir Thomas More users.



Averagely, on Foundation, the price to make an NFT is about $120. But during a weighed down minting historic period the charges will be a lot higher.



On Rarible, it costs you some $ 677 to grow or make an initial ingathering of NFTs.



In accession to the above-mentioned platforms, or so early facilitators to stack NFTs are BakerySwap, Topnotch Rare, Atomlike Market, Slap-up Gateway, Enjin Marketplace, and KnownOrigin.



Dealing fees on these platforms differ and follow into gambol when determinative the minting cost. Straight off let’s assure knocked out just about early costs connected with the NFT conception.





Afro hairdo Kingz NFT is a compendium of 15,000 alone collectibles with references from versatile kingdoms or so the African Continent that were carefully curated and conferred for the metaverse!



The Afro Kings collecting is of 15,000 aesthetic pieces that lie of originals from around of the Charles Herbert Best artists from just about the crypto sector and around programmatically generated items.



The collecting consists of Masks that come from unlike African tribes and kingdoms interracial with several accessories and black and white patterns in fiat to create a amalgamate of lame avatars, collectibles, and uncommon items. The community of interests is invited to fall in the speed to yield ascendancy of the Afro Kingz population by construction the biggest kingdom.



mv2.png/v1/fill/w_162,h_102,al_c,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01,blur_2,enc_auto/web-about_4x.png" alt="web-about_4x.png" width="" height="" />



The storyline Is NFT available in India set in the pre-unification era in the Metaverse. 200 of the most powerful royals are Raging war against each other for the crown to rule the Afro Kingz Empire that spans the entire continent.



The royals are now in a race to raise the biggest and most well-equipped army.



The Royals are represented by different masks which have been collected from various African kingdoms from around the continent. They are core to the African heritage and they represent various aspects of life such as love, wealth, war, life, death, health, wisdom, and spirituality. The masks were used to mark various occasions such as harvests, battles, royal ceremonies, festivals, births, battles, weddings just to name a few.



We have taken all these different aspects and incorporated them into the pieces at various moments. This collection is an invitation for collectors to become the Afro Kingz of the metaverse.





Lastly, within My Collection , you'll find your NFT with a button List for Sale . Set your price in ETH, click the checkbox if you would like to also accept $PRT as payment, and click Sell . Once you approve (sign) this final transaction, it will be available for sale in the Portion Gallery!



Lastly, within My Collection , you'll find your NFT with a button List for Sale . Set your price in ETH, click the checkbox if you would like to also accept $PRT as payment, and click Sell . Once you approve (sign) this final transaction, it will be available for sale in the Portion Gallery!



Portion Listing Page



Congrats! You minted your first NFT on Portion!





Can I mint NFTs on mobile?



Minting is currently in development for mobile and tablet. At the moment, please use your computer to mint your NFTs.



How do I change my username?



To change your artist name: Click on the hamburger drop down on the upper right and then click Profile . Edit your username and save changes.



Note: If you have already minted NFTs, your name will not update retroactively on those pieces (doing so would allow people to game the system). But after a change and a new NFT mint, your new name will be displayed!



Why can't I make changes to my NFT after I mint it?



Once you have minted your NFT, it is part of the immutable Ethereum blockchain forever. All transactions recorded on a blockchain are irreversible, making Ethereum extremely secure and difficult to tamper with. If you need to make changes after minting an NFT, you can "burn" the token (aka permanently destroy it). To avoid the need to burn an NFT, be as careful as possible throughout the minting process.



I want to remove my NFT on Portion. How can I burn it?



To burn your NFT, use the transfer function to send your NFT to the DEAD Ethereum burn address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead



How can I move my work into different categories?



For new work: Choose the appropriate category for you work in the Create form.



For existing work: You can update the category by going to My Collection , clicking the gear icon next to List for Sale and selecting Change Category .





Can I sell physical artwork on Portion?



For physical artwork, we partner with artists, galleries or artist management teams to establish logistics for delivering physical pieces to buyers and to ensure authenticity of artwork. If you'd like to include a physical piece with your NFT (like an unlockable), include those details in the description. Sellers are responsible for shipping.



Note: Portion is a decentralized auction house with a focus on user privacy. We don't require buyers to give us their email, so only if the collector provided it will you be able to access it. However, usually when artists specify that they are including a physical artwork, the buyer will include their email or find a way to get in touch with the artist after the sale to claim it. We're working on a way make this process more seamless in our coming iterations.



Why does the connecting to wallet window appear and not seem to go away when using MetaMask?



This typically means you used insufficient amounts of gas for the minting process. In general, using several dollars less than the average transaction can change the time from several minutes to several hours! If something went wrong technically on our end, we will reimburse the failed transaction amount to your ETH wallet.



Why doesn't my video play? What is the maximum resolution of the video?



Browsers limit filetypes to 1080px resolution (maximum width and height of 1080px). Also, files encoded as Quicktime will only play in Safari (due to license restrictions).



Why do my transactions get rejected (or "reverted" in Etherscan)?



It can be due to the title of your work. NFT titles need to be unique, so sometimes adding a period, a space, or any other minor change to the title will make the difference. Please also note that even after you burn your NFT, its title will still be checked by the blockchain (due to the nature of burning NFTs - they continue to exist, but in the burn address).



Are my Portion NFTs stored on an internal wallet or external wallet?



Portion Is NFT available in India a non-custodial NFT platform. It’s all your wallet and there are many options from Metamask to Walletconnect.



How are files stored?



Portion uploads and stores all images and videos to IPFS, which is a distributed file system, widely used in the digital art community. That comes at no cost to you. Minting expenses (gas fees) are only there to cover the creation of a token (verification by the distributed network). For the curious minds out there, you can learn more about How do I create an NFT project NFTs are stored on IPFS here.





Does Portion offer royalties?



Portion takes 0% of the sales price from artists, and offers 11% royalties on ALL sales in secondary markets. We distribute royalties to artists wherever their piece sells in a secondary market.



Is Portion an open or curated marketplace?



Portion is a unique NFT platform because it bridges curation with an open marketplace. Portion’s Curated Auctions source works from iconoclastic artists from across the media landscape, while Open Auctions empower the Portion community to champion new artists and formats.



How do I buy $PRT?



You can purchase $PRT using your MetaMask wallet by going to Uniswap. It can be easily swapped with ETH, DAI, USDC, or whatever cryptocurrency of your choosing.



Once you have $PRT, you can do things like buy art on Portion, or participate in the governance of our platform. Also remember you automatically earn 500 $PRT for every piece you mint on Portion. These tokens are distributed every other Sunday.



What can I do with $PRT?



→ Portion Tokens ($PRT) are ERC-20 assets on the Ethereum Blockchain that are key to platform governance and curation.



→ PRT tokens can be used to bid on, purchase, and sell art and collectibles on the Portion platform.



→ Artists earn 500 $PRT every time they mint a NFT on Portion, distributed every Sunday.



→ Collectors earn 500 $PRT every time they purchase a NFT on Portion, distributed every Sunday.



→ Artists earn 11% royalties on secondary sales, paid in $PRT



→ Portion token holders can stake or farm their $PRT to collect yield.



→ Staked PRT Tokens earn rewards from auction sales and platform fees (coming soon)!



How do I add $PRT to my MetaMask wallet?



Open your MetaMask wallet and scroll down to the button that says Add Token . Type in the token contract address 0x6d0f5149c502faf215c89ab306ec3e50b15e2892 and the token symbol PRT and click Next . The $PRT token is now added to your wallet and any existing available balance will appear.





Why is NFT so valuable should I mint an NFT on Portion?



Portion is a decentralized Auction House that was created to directly support the greater artistic community and was incepted in 2016 to capture the digital scarcity paradigm shift. Recognizing the impact that blockchain technology would have for tracking provenance of rare goods, art and collectibles, the Portion team created the initial concept for its NFT platform before the word "NFT" was colloquialized.



Everything the Portion team, partners, and community Does it cost money to create an NFT is in service of supporting creators, breaking down barriers to art and wealth, while growing the PRT economy.





A report by Super Crypto News claims that just to establish a base collection of NFTs on Rarible can cost nearly $700. You're at the top of the scale. On Ethereum, the most popular host for NFTs, or blockchain, you can mint an NFT for as little as $70, according to Nerds Chalk.



On Ethereum, the most popular host for NFTs, or blockchain, you can mint an NFT for as little as $70, according to Nerds Chalk. The Art Newspaper reports that other cryptocurrency analysts believe minting a digital artwork NFT can cost as little as $70 to $100.



Digital paintings, texts, songs, videos, and other media can be turned into an NFT. The NFT game is primarily about turning digital artwork into something that Is it profitable to make NFTs "unique" in an age where everything can be reproduced infinitely. These are the most expensive works of art ever sold by NFT. Chris Torres designed NyanCat.





mv2.png/v1/fill/w_112,h_156,al_c,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01,blur_2,enc_auto/7.png" alt="7.png" width="" height="" />



Crypto Against Society






is a go under of 10000 algorithmically generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain divine by political party games wish Cards Against Human beings and founded on illustrious memes, events, terms, and pop figures in the cryptocurrency, wallstreetbets, and Gamestop communities.



Each NFT pairs unrivalled of 50 imaginable total darkness move cards and ane of 250 conceivable snowy reaction card game. More or less volition be hilarious, some bequeath be clever, more or less testament experience a little likewise true, and just about volition equitable be out-and-out mentally retarded.





For thousands of days bees sustain been life in peace and concord until the inevitable happened: A turgid species threatened their innate home ground through and through the habituate of pesticides and the sealing of honey oil spaces through and through maturation. These destiny strained the bees to crusade for their survival. Warfare stone-broke stunned 'tween the bee colonies and the unexampled species, the Homosexual Human being. Sadly, the bees are nigh to turn a loss this important warfare. Their design was non to principle over the world, they only precious to champion their home ground and keep open performing the of import character in the spherical ecosystem. When the Homosexual man recognized this, the bee universe had already been in pretty badly conditions. Fortunately, in that location is the NFBeehive profession who supports the poove bee and her workers to save up their world and conflict rearwards against the irresponsible man beings.The NFBeehive residential district contain fright of their have bees and olibanum not solely service themselves just as well the intact populace universe.






For thousands of geezerhood bees undergo been aliveness in peace of mind and harmony until the inevitable happened: A with child species threatened their natural habitat through with the consumption of pesticides and the waterproofing of super acid spaces through with growth. These destiny strained the bees to struggle for their selection. Warfare bust come out betwixt the bee colonies and the recently species, the Human Homo. Sadly, the bees are almost to drop off this pregnant war. Their design was non to ruler o'er the world, they just wanted to maintain their home ground and prevent performing the authoritative persona in the worldwide ecosystem. When the Homosexual human being recognised this, the bee population had already been in pretty spoiled conditions. Fortunately, at that place is the NFBeehive biotic community WHO supports the fairy bee and her workers to preserve their humanity and combat game against the irresponsible homo beings.The NFBeehive community of interests require scare off of their ain bees and therefore non only if aid themselves just too the entire human beings universe.





Q1 2022: Purpose 2,222 Script Raddled V2 Bull-Ish NFTs. V1 Owners wish be whitelisted for pre-cut-rate sale.






Post Launch



Q1 2022: Invention 2,222 Pass on Careworn V2 Bull-Ish NFTs. V1 Owners will be whitelisted for pre-sales agreement.



Q1 2022: Airdrop for V1 and V2 Holders.



Q2 2022: Dogshit Trace (To a greater extent information to come)






Q3 2022: Residential area stacked and impelled estates in the Pavia Metaverse.



Often Asked Questions



How often does it toll to hatful 1 Bull-Ish NFT?



Pre-whole slew monetary value bequeath be 32 Adenosine deaminase (Single to whitelisted members) and spate cost volition be 40 ADA. (More info to come)



How tin I purchase a Bull-Ish NFT?



You'll be capable to lot by sending the listed total of ADA to the pile speak (Posted on Discord, Twitter, and Internet site at clip of launch). Please insure you manipulation an official Cardano Wallet when sending ADA to the sight speech (Ex. Nami, Yoroi, Daedalus, ADALite). NEVER Get off CARDANO FROM AN Commute. Your assets bequeath be baffled and WILL NOT be refunded.



How many Bull-Ish NFTs stern I batch at a clip?



You put up coin up to 10 NFTs per dealing.



1 NFT = 40 Adenosine deaminase


2 NFTs = 80 ADA


3 NFTs = 120 Adenosine deaminase


4 NFTs = 160 Adenosine deaminase


5 NFTs = 200 Adenosine deaminase


6 NFTs = 240 ADA


7 NFTs = 280 ADA


8 NFTs = 320 ADA


9 NFTs = 360 Adenosine deaminase


10 NFTs = 400 ADA



Does it cost money to create an NFT
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